Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Thin Line - Dividing line in human behaviour

A review of The Thin Line, by Dries Blunt 
This book combines excellent writing skill, an interesting choice of subject and a fine display of characters that become alive while reading. 
It also carries a message of love lost and gained and how fragile relations can be. 

At times I read this compilation of short stories as a number of real-life case studies which, in novel writing style, indicates the best possible portrayal of fictional reality.
There are 17 stories in which the thin line between lust and love, fulfillment and destruction and attraction are highlighted. 
Salafranca shows amazing insight in the psychological motivation of behaviour.  
The Thin Line is a collection with great impact, both delightful to read and valuable to have read.  
(Published in The Citizen)  

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