Sunday, March 7, 2010


In 1781, Emperor Josef II announced an Edict of Toleration for the Jews which established the requirement for hereditary family names. Jews were required to assume German-sounding surnames. Rivka Shlomo comes in and says, “Here, you’re a Schmalz.” Thrusts a piece of paper at me – not that I can read it – and says, “Look, says it there. You’re a Schmalz. So if you need to tell anyone, not that you will, you tell them Schmalz.” Schmalz. Grease. Chicken fat. Schmalz! “That’s not what Dora and her family got!” I go outside, the piece of paper with the scribbles in my hand. “They’re Goldfarbers! How did they end up with gold in their name and we’re just grease?” Read more here

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Tolita said...

I have to say I'm puzzled by the ending of this story. Did Rivka try to kill Hannah and relent @the last minute? Is that the big confession?

Shalom, Miss T x